Old car instead of walking
Release date:2018-12-19 13:13:37
This newspaper on December 16 (reporter campaign correspondent Ssangyong ma) yesterday, an elderly walking car could run onto the highway. Thanks to the high-speed traffic police found in time, will this car instead of walking escorted by the high speed, to avoid the dangerous.
Just like QQ car, but better than QQ "mini"; Three to five people can sit, but it doesn't burn oil electricity. Nowadays, a kind of no license plates on the figure of old car instead of walking from time to time appear in the street. At 11 o 'clock yesterday, shanxi four high-speed traffic police detachment five brigade patrol police patrol to 247 km in yuncheng direction pinglu, find a mini car in less than 50 km/h "stall speed" driving on the highway, heading for yuncheng. At the back of the car in the car, don't hesitate to go to change lanes, overtaking. Police immediately when I saw that alarm, let the driver parking in the parking area for inspection.
Police car near a look, and found that this is not a car, but rather a and car looks very similar electric old car instead of walking. The driver opened the door to get off, is a nearly sixty years old man. The old man who name is wang, pinglu county, ready to drive to yuncheng. Because walking car look like cars, high-speed survived a cashier's check, so the high-speed, didn't think just come up by police found in a timely manner.
Policeman told him, according to the law of the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety regulations on the implementation of the regulations, the highway speed shall be marked lanes, top speed should not exceed 120 km per hour, minimum speed shall be not less than 60 kilometers per hour. This old car instead of walking even in urban driving is very dangerous, let alone on the motorway. After police escort him to the front of yuncheng east toll from the high-speed. "Sales of older walking car on the market at present, most of the published is not in the national registration registration directory within the national motor vehicle product announcement, the relevant technical data do not tally with the announcement by the competent department of national motor vehicle product data, can't go through the registration." Strictly speaking, there is no registration in CheGuan department registration, no insurance of motor vehicles on the road is not allowed. "

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