Zhengzhou thorough investigation of irregularities elderly scooter
Release date:2018-12-18 12:50:39

   Since December 15, Zhengzhou police department on investigating violations of elderly scooter on the road for the first time to investigate and impose a temporary suspension of the vehicle warning or a fine, the driver will be checked again in detention punishment.

   In the morning, in the waterway and Dongming intersection, within one hour the police investigation of seven violations elderly scooter. Meng Yong told reporters police on duty, the investigation of elderly scooter variety and plenty of electric tricycle from the installation of the hood, plenty of similar cars in the elderly scooter, and even some also install the "empty" light to the illegal operation, the vast majority of car The elderly have not received driver training, traveling often to seize the motor vehicle lanes, free to change lanes, running red lights and other illegal phenomena, can easily lead to accidents.

   "The real elderly scooter is a medical device vehicle at 5-10 km per hour, not on the road with motor vehicles, these vehicles are generally in hospitals, welfare and other places, only the elderly convenient travel, and now the streets of Zhengzhou elderly scooter generally in the tens of kilometers per hour, or hundreds of kilometers. "Meng Yong said.

   Zhengzhou City traffic police official said, according to state regulations, the production of motor vehicle manufacturers must obtain approval from the State Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry to produce, while most domestic elderly scooter manufacturer has not been qualified motor vehicle production, not because of old age scooter enter MIIT automotive products list, does not comply with handle vehicle registration and regulatory requirements, and therefore can not apply for the license plate.

   The official said, according to "Road Traffic Safety Law" stipulates that only a fraction of vehicles and non-motorized vehicle, the elderly scooter is just a name for the business only, not on the card is a so-called business misleading propaganda, in fact, this car can not in traffic police department on the license plate. Such unlicensed driving, undocumented elderly scooter offense. Not on the license plate of the vehicle will not be able to buy insurance, if accidents occur, causing casualties, the interests of the injured is difficult to be protected. (Intern reporter Li Fenghu Mo cold coke)

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