Chengdu will be built of scrap lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles recycling system
Release date:2018-12-18 12:49:17

   "Economic Information Daily" correspondent from Chengdu City Environmental Protection Bureau, to improve the recycling network, improve recycling facilities and all kinds of places, so that pollution is reduced to a minimum, Chengdu will be the establishment of waste lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles recycling system.

   According to the Environmental Protection Agency to the relevant parties in Chengdu, Chengdu current electric bicycle battery recycling, mainly the way manufacturers and sales outlets or recycling, but are not mandatory recycling, recycling ratio of only about 50% of these recalled batteries for centralized storage and then shipped to a qualified lead recycling plant for processing, and the processing of these factories have qualified in Anhui, Guizhou and other provinces. In addition, there is a part of the inflow of waste battery scrap yards, mainly because some owners to make the difference, would not have qualified to the recycling yards.

   However, the lead acid battery scrap sulfuric acid, lead on water, soil has hazards. China currently has explicitly been dismantled, crushed, after smashing the separate collection of lead-acid batteries included in the "National List of Hazardous Wastes." Lead-acid batteries in use, the battery is sealed in the case, will not have a direct impact on the environment and the human body. The recycling of waste lead-acid batteries in the process, sulfuric acid and lead, antimony and other heavy metals produced will include soil, surface water, groundwater and other ecological environment caused by pollution, if not effectively disposed of, the impact on the ecological environment of long-term, complex and heavy metals in lead-acid batteries have some toxicity, it may cause harm to the human body. 

   To do this, combined with the current situation in Chengdu, proposed a "dual track" of waste lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles recycling system. The system is mainly composed of two parts, a part constituted by the manufacturers and dealers, and the other part by the waste battery recycling center of the city constituted. For the first part of the principle of "who is who is responsible for the production," the first in the hands of consumers through dealers recycling of used batteries, and recycling of used batteries in the hands of the dealer by the manufacturer, and ultimately unified by the manufacturer for recycling, to achieve re-use of resources. For the latter part of the waste battery recycling processing center of the city by the government or the private sector contributed to the building, you can make use of existing city renewable resource recycling system for recycling, professional handling agencies regularly conduct unified by a centralized processing. In the process we must strictly enforce environmental standards, attention to recycling places of environmental protection, to avoid secondary pollution of the surrounding environment.

   Chengdu EPA experts also remind consumers of the electric bicycle electric bike users should have the disposal of used batteries to qualified enterprises or bike dealers, manufacturers unified recycling. Never discard used batteries do not sell or dispose of qualified scrap yards.

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